The Silk Roads Business Brief: A Global Perspective

The Silk Roads Business Brief: A Global Perspective

Welcome to The Silk Roads Business Brief: A Global Perspective, a monthly newsletter published by CWI Strategies, offering our insight into the business developments and opportunities of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

BRI is among the most ambitious development projects in human history, injecting USD trillions in infrastructure projects throughout the traditional Silk Road regions (Asia, the Middle-East, Africa and Europe), while expanding the network of 21st century Silk Roads – maritime, overland and digital – on a global scale. The aim of BRI is to stimulate development and economic growth within the Silk Road regions and establish China as a global economic superpower, the pulsing heart of a rejuvenated and thriving body. It is supported by a growing number of countries who see the BRI as a highway for economic and social development, and it is gaining buy-in from thousands of companies big and small, that see BRI as an opportunity for business growth.

This newsletter aims to help global business seize this opportunity.

Jean-Guy Carrier
President, CWI Strategies

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