Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies for Businesses and Non-profits

CWI Strategies propounds diversity, inclusiveness, curiosity, humility, ambition and generosity as the essential ingredients of growth and sustained success. We believe that cross sector, cross market and cross culture solutions are invaluable tools in addressing the challenges that come with growth, and indeed the flexibility to seek out and adopt best practices is inherently a part of the healthy development of an organization. We are currently focused on the tech, health and education sectors, and their multiple intersections, as major areas of growth in China and globally.

Client case: The Tang West Market Group (TWMG) goes international

Headquartered in Xi’an, China, TWMG is a dynamic group of companies in the cultural and commercial development sectors. Active in the booming Chinese market for more than 15 years, TWMG came to CWI in 2014 looking for strategic support to launch internationally as the business world’s gateway to the 21st Century Silk Road. CWI developed a TWMG strategic communications package for international audiences, including TWMG’s first English language corporate website, branded collateral material and a tactical calendar of active participation in key international high-level conferences, policy meetings and business forums such as the World Investment Forum (UNCTAD), the B20 (Turkey and China) and the World Chambers Congress, culminating in the development and inauguration of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. TWMG is now a leading force internationally in the development of the 21st century Silk Road.